About Us

Acropolis IT Services LLP is a part of the ADA Group of Companies headquartered in Kolkata-INDIA. The Group was established in 1999 by a group of IT Professionals, with experience of running data centers using IBM & ICL Mainframes as well as Unix boxes since early 80s, when ADA Software Re Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. was set up to provide software development services to clients in India, Europe and North America.

Acropolis provides IT enabled services and Office Automation solutions primarily to clients in India. Besides, the Company also provides Training & Education services to customers in India.
We provide Document Management Solutions comprising of scanning hardware and software, document and content management software and document backlog conversion services. We represent some of the leading companies in the world for their state-of-the-art hardware and software products.

ADA has a very strong background in software development with a fairly large team of developers working on both the Microsoft and Open Source environments. This enables us to position our company as a full service solution provider in the document/content management domain.