Software Development


ADA Software Group companies have been providing IT Services to Businesses and Governments in Western Europe, The United States, South & South East Asia over the last 2 decades. We provide services in a highly flexible Business Model that suits the exact need of the Project – Onsite, Near Site and Offshore. Our range of Services reflects our focus and flexibility and include:

  • Legacy migration and reengineering services
  • IT strategy consulting services
  • Software development and maintenance services
  • Mobile Application development for Android, iOS & Windows

Our software development and maintenance lifecycle is designed around a combination of iterative and incremental processes that focusses on adaptability and customer satisfaction with rapid delivery of software products. Each iteration involves cross functional teams that work simultaneously on the various aspects of software development, such as planning, requirement analysis, design, coding, unit testing and acceptance testing.

This service is provided by our Group company, ADA Software Re Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. Please visit http// for more information.